Thursday, January 5

Work-a-holic to the EXtreeeeeme. I seriously work SO damn much, its ridiculous. Today I worked with Rochelle (shes the assistant manager at my Dutch Bros. stand, shes otherwise known as Ro, Rocho, or my personal nickname of choice Rocho Cinco!). It was ssuuuuper slow, so we got to really do a lot of talking. I really like talking to her because although shes still pretty young. She's done a lot of stuff and been through some tough times here and there, so shes really easy to talk to and honestly has a lot of really good advice. We talked a lot about her and David (hes my manager, and also her boyfriend; I know what your thinking, dating co-workers, isnt that frowned upon in the work world? Well, yes it is and that's why they tried to keep it a secret FOR OVER A YEAR, but eventually the guy who owns the Kennewick Dutch Bros. stands was like "Guys, I know you're dating, so just stop trying to hide it" Soooo they came out!), and we talk a lot about my friends and family, and we talked about her moving out of her parents house and into a cute little condo-ish apartment by herself, and we talked A LOT about Riley and my decision to move down to Cali. She thinks its a good idea. Which is honestly something I wasn't expecting from her. You see she got engaged and moved to Texas when she was 20 and all she ever really says about it was #1; at least she learned a lesson from it and #2; it was the worst decision of her whole life. You see, this guy that she was engaged to turned out to be a real dick; but that's not in my intentions to bring up and blab about all over the internet. What she told me about moving to Cali was that if that is where my heart is, and where my heart says to go, then follow it. Because then, if things end out not working out and for some reason unknown to mankind Riley and I really arent meant for each other, and we just simply dont work out, then I can at least say I tried. (I use a lot of commas, is anyone else wondering why my fingers are going comma crazy?) 
I also met my dads new girlfriend for the first time today. Shes 22. I know what you're thinking... because its the exact same thing that I'm thinking but they're pretty cute together and they both seem pretty happy and I mean they've been dating for over 3 years now. So SOMETHING must be going right I surposeeee. We'll see what happens... It's really none of my business. 
After work, I called my dad and we decided to meet up at Texas Roadhouse for some dinner and so I could show him and Terra (Girlfriend) where I work. It was pretty fun, the food wasn't very good but it usually is and one time in the two months I've worked and eaten there? I think I'll let it slide:)  After dinner I called my friend Brooke and we went to hang out with some friends of mine; Tanner, John, Jesse, Evan, Kris, Lucas, and then a couple of awkward girls, but we got bored fast and just drove around and talked after that. So it was a pretty good day :) Nowwww, I'm sleepy. Noiiiiiight!

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