Monday, January 2

California Dreamin'

Let's run away and never come back:) Shall we?

Happy 2nd day of the year! :) Today was quite relaxing, definitely good after yesterday and the day before! I worked at Dutch Bros today with David (the manager). I love working with him cause you can kinda just do whatever you want and he doesnt really care. Like I didnt even really help him with coffee for like and hour cause I was cleaning and hes been making coffee forEVER so he can totally handle it by himself, and we kept gettin' dropped 5's for tips, it was the best. Walked out with like $75 for tipss. Awwww yeah! Gettin' closer and closer to buying my IPhone, can't wait!! It was also my friend TJ's birthday today so he came by to get coffee cause you get a free one on your birthday! So it was definitely nice seeing him!

After work I headed over to Matt's again to hang with him, Jesslyn and Lamar for a little while. Gotta say, his house is definitely in better shape than the last time I saw it. HAHAHA! On New Years Eve it was sooooo messy; beer cans everywhere, glasses breaking on the ground with red jungle juice in them, throw up in the sink.... ya.... major rager. We sat around and watched this movie called Sex & Death. It was sooo strange. this guy got an email from an unknown sender and it had a list of all of the girls he'd EVER sleep with. Soo weird. there was like 101 names and he was on number 29 so he hurried up and tried to find all these girls so he could sleep with them. We only got like 30 minutes into it before Jesslyn and I decided we were going to to get DQ and visit Ben at the Clearwater Dutch Bros! Then I dropped her back off, went to Rite Aid to grab some randoms and came home; where I've been sitting on the computer in my comfies ever since! Quite relaxing I must say:) Ohhh, also, I skyped with Riley for like an hour but he had to go to bed cause he starts golf tomorrow! Yay! He goes to college in Cali! He is my best guy friend btw,well... hes more than my best friend... I'm going to marry that kid someday, but that is a very long story for a different time.
That's him! :)
(Yay for screen shots! hehehe)

Anyyyywhoooo, so a few days ago I decided that I'm definitely moving to Cali in August... Orrrr September. I havent really decided which one yet, cause I haven't decided whether I'm going to go to school down there or just work and find crazy stuff to do all the time! It's all good though, I still have like 8 or 9 months to decide! I applied for some colleges down there today, while being a lazy bum on the computer :D Soooo excited to get out of this town and start actually doing something with my life! 

 Sooo Ready :) Goodnight alll!! <33

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