Saturday, January 7


I had a day off today && I'm going snowboarding tomorrowww!! Wooop Wooooop!! :)
Went to the mall today with Dad, Terra, and Sam. Dad is going to help me buy my IPhone when mom gets paid next Friday! Wooooop Wooooop!! I'm prettty stoked, in case you cant tell. Then I can use that FaceTime thing to talk to Riley:) Yaaaay!! He bought Sam an IPod Touch too.. figures. hah. 

After the mall I called Brooke and we went to Evans again to hang out with the boys, minus Tanner and Lucas. They all got SUPER hammered cause they decided to chug an entire 1/2 gal of Fireball. (BLECCCHHH) and I had to drive them home at like 1:00 cause I didnt trust any of them driving.  So Momma Tori saved the say and drove allll over! 
OMFG! I forgot to tell you! I got my very first ever flat tire today! I was driving through Dutch Brothers at like 7 with Jesslyn, and all of a sudden we just hear this God awful noise, turns out, its my tire! So we pulled into a parking spot where Matt and Lamar came to save the day. But they didnt have the right stuff to save the day. One of the customers who always comes through Justin, (16oz. Americano with sugarfree white chocolate and sugarfree hazlenut with a splash of cream) came through and told me he would run home and get the right stuff to change my tire with. So finally almost two hours after the initial tire popping incident, Justin took off my flat tire and replaced it with my spare tire, all the while reminding me 84 times not to go over like 40 mph on my spare and to take it to Les Schwab tomorrow. 

Wellll, I'll talk to you more when I get back from snowboarding! Wish me luck!  

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