Thursday, March 31


So, I have decided I'm going to get a tattoo..
I turn 18 in 12 days, TWELVE and I'm not buying a prom dress anyore so, I have some extra cash and I think I've decided that what I want is a tattoo.

It's the best. I'm so extremely excited, I turn 18 in 11 days. ELEVEN!!<3 Yaaaay! and the first thing I'm going to do is get it. <333333333333333333

Saturday, March 12

Kimmi says...

that if I get on my blog at school three more times shes going to delete it. So I'm gonna kill her. Easily.


Has anyone else heard about the "Waffles & Chicken" meal from IHop? It is a genious idea but I mean really?! wtf, whoever thought of that was definitely high. Anywoo, I think I want some, waffles and chicken that is, it sounds good. As long as i can order some white gravy with my chicken becuase Dairy Queen has me addicted to the white gravy that they give me in my chicken baskets.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about life. Recently, a close friend of the family, lost his job (he made a small mistake that was NOT his fault at all and his company is downsizing anyways, so any excuse to fire someone is good enough). Although most would look at this situation and think "Wow, that sucks" if you knew him and his situation, you would understand why I am not freaking out too much. I feel like i have to give a bit of a backround story. See, his work resides in Alabama... well, more like 85 miles off the coast of Alabama, in the middle of the ocean, on a litttttle bitty platform. He has two teenage kids in need of a father and one littttlle baby who is so freaking cute, you dont even understand, who although may not realize that he needs a father, definitely needs one too. With him all the way across the country 1/2 the time and all of his kids here, that definitely cramps this whole "parenting" thing's style. I look up to him, because alothough there is much more to the story that I am not going to post  on here, (for privacy reasons), he still tries to be in his kids life as much as he can. He tries his absolute hardest to make sure they understand the difference between right and wrong. He tries to make sure he is available if they need anything or they need to talk and when they ask to be treated like adults, he treats them like so (the good, and the bad). I think this qualifies as a good dad, and a good man, trying to look out for his kids and not the bailing when the going gets tough.

Sometimes I wish my biological dad had been more of a man. Or would grow some balls and try to talk to me. Its almost pathetic that I have been living on this Earth for almost 18 years and I have never spoken to someone who should be one of the most important people in your life. Not one birthday card. Not anything. i almost want to send him a gradutation announcement so that he knows that I am successful. So that he knows. What the hell he is missing out on.

Wednesday, March 9


I've got 99 problems... but being your bitch isnt one.
Thats it.

Tuesday, March 8

Apparently today is Mardi Gras?

The only reason I know this is becuase it was brought to my attention by a boy at my school pracing around with a ribbon-y headdress telling everyone that "Guys! It's Mardi Gras today". Gotta love high school, right?
I wonder how Mardi Gras got started, like the beads and the nudity and the colors. its kindof an odd holiday. Doncha think?
Happy Mardi Gras

Freaking Creepy



Sooo, last night my friend Brooke and I were literally psycho. We were so increibly crazy.

It was SO fun. We went to Safeway at like 12:30 for oatmeal...on a school night. It was great. We got doughtnuts, cheddar and sour cream Ruffles, and oatmeal! Soooo delicious.

 By the doughtnuts I found this little singing keychain that is High School Musical and sings "Fabulous". It is adorable. Unfortunately I made the mistake of putting it on my keys and now, as I sit in first hour, it keeps going off. VERY loudly. It's driving me crazy.

 On the way to the store we were singing "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift

and it reminded me so much of my 10 year old brother and how much he has grown up in the past year. then I got to thinking about growing up and Hole. Ee. Crap. There are 88 days. 88. Eighty. Eight. That is CRAZY. Thats less the three months. WHEN DID I GET SO OLD?!?!? I'm nervous about graduating. SO nervoud. What am I going to do after. Do I go to colllege? Do I take a year off? And I want to see the world, how is that going to happen if I just go to college and then get a job and get married? SO MANY OPTIONS. Since I am SUCH an indecisive person. It is crazy. Ah. I'm nervous. I dont want to grow up. :(


Monday, March 7


I really need to do my government, its not even funny.
I've been procrastinating for the last four months & I really need to just sit down and do it. Baseball games are going to be starting soon and I dont want to have to miss baseball games to do government. SOOO I am going to do it. Starting now. Okay, maybe tomorrow(:

If I had a room like this to study in, I would study even if I didnt have anything to study. Hahaha


Saturday, March 5

My Life Is All Glitter & Rainbows

I have recently come to the conclusion that anything and everything glittery or brightly colored, I. Want.
I honestly cannot help myself when I walk into the local Macys and there is a glittery pair of $65 shoes. I need them. I have to have them. Once I see these shoes, I no longer have control of my body (or wallet) and somehow these shoes end up in a cute little white back with a red star on them and in the car on the way to my house. and i mysteriously miss $65.
Hell, Id probably pay for a bright colored napkin or a glittery poop scooper.
It's easily an obsession.