Saturday, January 7

Music can change your whole life...

I...watched... THE... cutest movie tonight....
Riley texted me last night after I got off and told me that I had to watch this movie so I was going to but I fell asleep about 10 minutes in, so i decided to watch it again. Just now actually. It's called Listen To Your Heart. Now I'm not going to spoil it for you and waste my time giving you a full blown review of how good this movie is, because cutting into the acting and the camera movements, it wasnt the best, BUT the story line and a couple of the actors made this movie incredible. Its about a guy who falls in love with a deaf girl, and its SOOO cute. Theres quite the twist about 40 minutes in that there is just no way to prepare for. It's....epic? Idk, its an extremely cute movie though... and they do mine and Rileys, iloveyou thing, which makes it all the more worth watching. Anywhooo, soo the hour is an hour and forty minutes long... and guess how long I cried for? Not like sniffle.....sniffle....tear.. type of cryin, were talking like straight sobbing and talking to the TV kind of crying. I cried for about an hour straight cause of the damn story line of this movie. 

Watch it. Right Meow. <3

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