Sunday, January 1

A friend and co-worker of mine, Katie Ellis, posted a Facebook today about her 365 blog and i read the first day of it and I'm in love. You just blog, once a day, every day for the whole year. Which, this year may be 366 days because im pretty sure its a leap year. Anywhoo, it sounds like a good idea, so here I am. Starting my own little 365 (336?) blog! This year is going to be just too damn good not to! Working like CRAZY, planning a bunch of trips all over the country, & possibly moving?!? Definitely a year, I want to remember! 

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2012!!! 
Today was absolutely exhausting!! I had work last night until ten, i know working on New Years Eve, what a joy! After work I went home to get ready for my evening, which eventually turned into night, and then early morning....and then morning. Ooooh lordy. Then off to my best friend, Jesslyns boyfriend, Matts house for the craziest house party Richland has probably ever seen. The boys were inSANE they got so riled up the last 20 minutes of 2011 and decided they'd like to spend the rest of 2011 RAVING! Which they did, by turning up the music as loud as it goes and screaming randomly for 20 minutes. It was absolutely hilarious. Of course we rang in the new year by takin' shots, shotgunning beers, and screaming the countdown at the top of our lungs. Unfortnately I was unable to be a part of the takin' shots and shotgunning bears part of that because I was the DD for the night, but I still had fun watching all of them! After Mattys house we went to Jesslyns house in West Richland where we taught our friend Jay how to play beer pong! Around 4:30 I was nominated (willingly) to take Haylee and Jay to their houses. So essentially, what I'm tryin to tell you guys is that I definitely didnt get home, in bed, asleep til about 5:30! 
Theeeeeen this morning I got up at 7 and went to work! I work at Dutch Bros. btw, and it is absolutely amazing! I lovvvvve my job:) I also work at Texas Roadhouse as a hostess, that's where I was working last night! So I got to work this morning around 8, worked with Shelbe til noonish, then went home and passed out for like 4 hours. Tonight I had to be at work at five at Texas Roadhouse, but its okay, I was on Names (which means taking down peoples names and giving them pagers, kinda self explanatory) so I was off by 9ish. After work I headed over to the house that Jesslyn is housesititng only to find that tonight was the last night that she was house sitting... slightly upsetting :( I hung out with her and Matt for a little while and now I'm home! About to passsssssss out! 
So that was my first day of the new year in a nutshell. Sorry it wasnt too exciting, and very straight to the point. I'm exhausted so I'm headed to bed! 

NighhhNighhh Everyone. <33

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