Thursday, October 24

Friends. Family. That 70s Show.

It's not that I miss the past, I guess I just hope the future is just as good. 
   Things have changed so much lately. I've been thinking about those I've let go, the people I make a conscience choice not to talk to, or be part of their lives. It's hard. How are you supposed to distinguish the good guys from the bad these days. I mean even your best friends of years can have an ugly side. A different side. A side that, in the end, screws you over, turns the tables, makes you the one that's alone, when all you were in the first place was a back up.
    I guess I'm just hurt. I had friends, or I thought I did. But in the end everyone from this town turns out the same. I don't know, maybe I don't like it because I've talked myself into not liking it. But the fact of the matter (yes, I just said that) is that I everyone I meet from here treats not only me, but mostly everyone, including their family and closest friends, like craaaaap
    It's just not my thing anymore to cater to everyone's needs, try to make everyone happy, or do what anyone wants me to do. Hell, I don't even want to leave the house unless I have to. It's just too much effort, to get nothing in return. I'm not saying I want anything monetary, worth any physical value, just a thank you. Or something like that. Idk. Whatevaaa. I'll find people who I can call true friends someday. 

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