Tuesday, May 3


The last 7 days of school, I've only been at school for like 3 of them. Lol. Shiit. I have the worst senioritis ever. I know I need to go to school just for like attendance reasons but there is no actual point of going. The teachers are to the point where half of them dont even take attendance anymore. Its. Crazy. I cant believe I  am graduating high school in like 4 weeks. Wow. 12 years turned into 4 freakikng weeks. The time has gone by so fast. Its weird how time seems to go soo slow during the day but then the days seem to go by sooo freaking fast. I dont get it. I really dont.
Ahh, oh well.
Some awesome pictures for the day:

Mmmm, I love Tiffany & Co. If anyone wants to just get me something from Tiffanys, you're more than welcome:)

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