Thursday, January 27

Dear HHS Security,

It is quite pathetic what the administration in public schools are allowed to do these days. Yes, I know they are "there for the safety of students attending the school" but really? Does anyone else realize that all they do is get in to others business. Now, this really didnt bug me much until I was signing onto my beloved Facebook and there was a friend request from the lovely Rita Sita. Rita. Sita. REALLY?!? I mean come on Hanford. How inconspicuous of you. Anyway, after denying this lovely 17-year-old from Richland, Washington, I logged off Facebook completely dumbfounded. I then proceeded over the next few days to receive four, FOUR, not one or two, but 1-2-3-FOUR more friend requests from fake Facebook's.
Right about now you may be asking yourself. Tori? How exactly do you know when you have a fake Facebook request? Well, let me just give you the quick and simple rundown. Number 1, When someone adds you on Facebook with a name that rhymes, it's probably fake. I mean who names a child Rita Sita. Number 2, If it's a "teenage girl" and she only has 1 or 2 semi blurry pictures, or their profile picture is of someone famous, it's probably fake. I mean really? What teenage girl only has 1 or 2 pictures on Facebook. Number 3, If they have numerous new friends, who all seemingly attend your high school and most are people who party or would have pictures of others partying on their Facebook, its prooooooobably fake.
I don't understand what makes these authority figures believe that they have the right to get into our personal business. It is the schools business to teach us. Not to parent us. This brings up another subject I have a REAL problem with. That the school wont excuse some absences when our parents excuses aren't "good enough". No one gave them permission to decide whether my mom wanting to let me sleep in on a school day a good enough excuse or not. They don't know me outside of school and have NO clue about my life. All they know about me is I am a student who regularly attends Hanford High school and I missed a class. Although I can understand how some students would take COMPLETE advantage of a world where security guards and administration didn't try to run our lives or parent us, I would not. Actually, that is a complete a total lie. I would definitely take advantage of this but, yano? These adults I address by the name of Mr. and Mrs. every day have already graduated. They've attended school, gone to classes, maybe even skipped a little. These adults need to understand that my decisions will affect my life, not theirs. Not going to 5th hour, should remain to be none of their business.
Weekends and time outside of school should also remain to be absolutely NONE of their business. If a student can pull off a party or two here and there, without the police intervening, why should the school feel as though they can be involved? Who gave them the right to investigate us as though we are some sort of murderer or terrible criminal from Comption? Maybe some enjoy taking a shot every hour, on the hour, from the second they walk in the door from school on Friday afternoon until Sunday night before they go to bed. Why is anyone at Hanfords business.. Okay. Maybe I'm overexagerating...a little...ok a lot. But you all understand what I am trying to portray here, correct?
I would like administration and security guards to leave me and my friends the hell alone. Jesus tits.
So, to conclude probably the most opinionated piece of writing I have ever wrote in my life I would like to say that my friend Justin and I are going to make a fake Facebook and just add all of the fake Facebook's that our beloved high school security guards are making to try to keep track of us and just mess with them. Thankyou<3

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